Thank you for visiting! I'm Biz (Elizabeth) Williams, the potter behind Bizlette Pottery. I am working and potting in Chicago, IL. You can find me in the pottery studio whenever I have a spare moment, which is never as often as I hope!

My work is exclusively functional. Whenever I sit down at the wheel I consider how what I am going to make will be useful in everyday life. 

My work has developed into three different styles. 

First, I love the simplicity of white and clear glazes. It's a stark yet warm style that emphasizes the form of my wheel thrown work. This allows the slight alterations - a slightly squared bowl or a faceted cup - to shine through. 

Second, a pop of color! These pieces maintain the form-focused white glaze style, but add a splash of blue/green that catches the eye and brightens a gray day. Carefully applied colorful glazes emphasize my altered forms. 

Third, I enjoy experimenting with thin underglaze techniques, either by applying the underglaze in thin lines, or by brushing on underglaze and sketching thin lines to reveal the raw clay body underneath. These are more whimsical pieces. 

Contact me at bizlettepottery(atgmaildotcom)


I live in Chicago with my husband and 11-year old puppy Chella. Chella enjoys starting her day with a fine meal served out of a Bizlette pottery bowl, followed by endless belly rubs.